My Favorite Home

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It was a warm sunny day on May 10th, and I decided to have a few of my favorite people to surround me and make my day a lot brighter. I had invited some amazing people over, Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys and Demi Lovato. I heard the doorbell ring, I then got up excitedly and welcomed the first guest into my rather small house. I gave Marilyn a hug, looking at her smooth and pale complexion. The outfit she had on was stunning; it was a long white dress with ruffles at the bottom as her top-half was low cut showing off her assets. I lead her to my favorite place in my house which was my dinner table, it featured pictures of all of my favorite people, it was long and wide, so there were over 1000 pictures inside the glass of the table. Marilyn and I would chat for just a little as I heard the doorbell ring again. I got up skipping to the door opening seeing Gwen, Nicki, and Alicia arrive together each of them had little tiny gifts in their hands that were wrapped in silk bows. I gave them each a hug and kindly took their gifts and sat them in the middle of the table, just before I sat down I heard Demi knock on the door as I opened it and welcomed her in. Gwen was wearing a tight red dress that went below her knees as she wore laced heels to tie the theme of her outfit together. While Nicki was wearing something casual yet and a little bit of fire, it was A black dress where the skirt became see-through and they had black flames on them surrounding the

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