My Favorite Time Of The Year

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My favorite time of the year was coming to an end, as I had to say goodbye to those worry-free, beach-bum summer days. Summer had passed before my eyes and it was now the start of my sophomore year in college. I was enrolled in a couple psychology classes for my major and a Geology class that would count towards my GE. The semester before was not the best, as it had a negative impact on my grade point average. So here I am again, another semester hoping the same thing does not happen again. I wake up, go to class, and study for my boring classes, over and over again for weeks. Every day was just the same routine as yesterday. It’s such a drag trying to get up in the morning and go to school. I feel like there’s nothing to look forward to in life, like if all the fun got sucked out of me. I feel so drained all of the time. I need three shots of espresso just to get thru the day. As I sit in my psychology class, listening to my boring monotone professor talk about some boring theories, I ask myself “when will this class be over so I can go to the beach and catch some waves?” Everything about school bores me. Sometimes I even question myself as of why I’m still here. I could easily skip my classes and just study on my own, right? I mean it’s just psychology, it’s all common sense. I just didn’t find psychology that interesting anymore. It’s seriously all common sense There’s just no meaning, no purpose, no motivation for me anymore. These last couple of months passed by,
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