My First Day In High School

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The first day of school as a freshman is always an exciting and nerve-racking time for most freshmen. You’re making that big transition from middle school to high school, and you’re excited to start this new life and see what it should offer. I was always told by my older sister to always be open to meeting new people and new ideas my freshman year. The part she forgot to warn me about was that I would possibly lose friends, and sadly, I did. As a freshman I learned quickly that some people change when they enter high school, that the peer pressure of fitting in is hard on some freshman and it causes them to do drastic things for “popularity”. I learned a valuable lesson my first week of freshman year and it has stuck with me for my entire high school career and it was to always be yourself, and never try too hard to fit in.

The first day started off like any other typical morning. The sun was just visible behind the clouds, so the air was cool that morning. It was later that day when my friends and I were leaving the cafeteria after lunch when things started to change for the worst. “I want to be just like them,” Ash said, admiring the seniors, and other upperclassmen. Now, Ash was very beautiful so her statement caught me by surprise. She was Nigerian, had long natural hair, a very pretty smile and she was never one to say things like that. I told her that being “popular” wasn’t everything. That putting yourself out there in awkward situations to make yourself seem cool

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