My First English 101 : An Important Part For College So Far This Year, My Writing?

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As for college so far this year, my writing has improved. English 101 has taught me more about developing my papers than what I previously knew about writing. Revision is an important part when finalizing any of my papers. As I wrap up writing each essay, going back over it to make sure that it all the readers will understand the point of the paper. As this semester comes to an end, I am able to gain insight of structure through the significance of the PIE format, more organized ideas, and rereading sentences with correct use of grammar. In my first English 101 essay, it was essential to revise the way in which I used PIE. I struggled with the point particularly. This trouble showed up in the third paragraph that was worse than others. First, I wrote “Unique wasn’t even a word that described my teacher.” The feedback my teacher wrote was to “make sure topic sentences indicate what the paragraph is about.” My revision was that rewrote the point to be clear on what the basis of the paragraph was going to be about. The structure of my topic sentences need to act as mini-thesis statements that will guide the reader through what is going to happen in the paragraph. I didn’t relate it well enough to my thesis statement. It was more of another sentence in the paragraph than a topic sentence that would carry the reader through that section. Sometimes, I need to reword the topic sentence all together. This time, the topic sentence focused on what was going to be talked about. This

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