My First Job As A Cashier At A Grocery Store

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This summer, I got my very first job as a cashier at a local grocery store. On my first day, I held the enthusiasm and zeal equal to that of a child waiting to open presents on Christmas Day. That excitement drained pretty quickly because as it turns out, grocery shopping is NOT a pleasant experience for most people. Needless to say, by the time they’ve struggled through the store, picked out their groceries, and dragged their cart with the one wheel that turns wildly to the left, these people are not happy campers. And who has to deal with them? I do. In my few short months in the grocery biz, I learned that the worst customers EVER are the Mr. Know-It-Alls. “This price isn’t low enough.” “Are you SURE that’s the right code for apples?” Yes, lady, I’m sure. Yet, nothing takes the cake like Queen Know It All, the customer who felt the need to aggressively offer lifestyle advice. As I scanned her protein bars, bottled waters, and “healthy” fruit smoothies, she said “You know… you should really try some of this stuff. You might even lose a few pounds. From the looks of you, paired with your young age, you should probably lose about a hundred. How about I come back after your shift and pick out some new food for you?” I respectfully declined her offer with a nervous laugh and went on with my day. But I just could NOT get her… helpful advice out of my mind. When my shift was over, I went and picked up one of the fruit smoothies she had bought. Looking at the
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