My First Years Of My Administrative Experience Essay

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The beginning years of my administrative experiences as an educator presented some turbulent, and challenging times. I was extremely young as an administrator, and as I have previously mentioned, had no idea as to the challenges and crisis I would be presented with at the beginning of my career.

My second year I served an elementary and middle school principal, we experienced some growth and saw several new families enroll in our district. One particular new family was the Blevins family and they brought several children including three girls and one boy in grades 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 7th.

The children came from a challenging home and had been presented multiple challenges through time, with survival being the top challenge for the family. The Blevins children were some that I will never forget. They were often the first to arrive at school early in the morning. The youngest of the Blevins children was always striving for attention and acceptance. Kristy would often walk up to me each morning in the cafeteria while I was on morning duty and give me a “hip hug”. I often look forward to her hug each day and it part of a normal routine for starting out my school day.

At the beginning of each school year, the local Chamber of Commerce would always host the annual Back to School Dance for elementary and middle school students in our high school gymnasium. It was an exciting event for our students as they were able to experience an event that was very similar to what the big kids

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