My Friend Crystal Is A Person Of Significance

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My friend Crystal is a person of significance in my life. She showed me that there are friends out there who will go further and beyond for you. I first met Crystal at this festival called Sakura Matsuri. Sakura Matsuri is a Japanese festival that takes place at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I saw her cosplayed as Kido Tsubomi from Kagerou Project. She was with her girlfriend Jessy who was cosplayed as Kaneki from the anime Tokyo Ghoul. I wanted pictures with them both because I liked the characters they were cosplaying as. I went over to them and asked them if I could take a picture with them. They both agreed to take a picture with me. My friend Dave took the picture of us for me. I said my thanks and my good byes thinking it would be the last time I saw them.
Sakura Matsuri is a huge place so it isn’t likely you will run into someone you saw twice. Coincidently I did end up running into them a lot while I was at Sakura Matsuri. We would pass each other by constantly. I would be heading towards one direction and they would be heading in the opposite direction. They were always just at the place I was heading to. Every time we saw each other we would wave and say “Hello”. I met them again while they were chatting with a cosplayer they just met and made friends with. I asked their new friend Emmett if I could have a picture because they were dressed as Kaneki too. Emmett said “Sure” and I got my picture. Cyrstal, Jessy and me started to chat about how it’s funny that we
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