My Gallery : An Allegory Of The Tudor Succession

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My gallery will feature portraitures throughout history. Portraits have been around since the beginning of art. History affects every aspect of our lives including art; artist changed the style of portraitures depending on what was going on in the world at that time. At first portraits were only painted of the wealthy or someone who was deemed important. In these times, it was usually kings, queens, or religious figures that they believed were worth painting. The first picture I choose to feature in my gallery is a piece titles An Allegory of the Tudor Succession: The Family of Henry VIII. The artist of this painting is unknown but is believed that is was created around ca. 1590. This painting is an oil on panel that pictures Henry VIII sitting on his throne with his family surrounding him. This is a perfect example of what a family portrait would have looked like many years ago. Whoever the artist was created an exquisite painting capturing every detail of the subjects clothing, the tapestry hanging behind the king, the rug, and the outline of the city featured in the background. The painting has a lot of maroon and gold colors throughout that give it a very rich look. I think this picture fits into my gallery because it shows just what painters were asked to do in this period which was focus their talents on capturing the important people in history; in this case, it was Henry VIII and his family. The next picture I choose to include in my gallery is that of King Phillip

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