My Goal Of Becoming A Registered Nurse

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Before the age of eighteen, I had lived in three countries. My father’s career as a doctor and scientist of Military, Disaster & Extreme Medicine took my family throughout Kazakhstan, Russia, and the Ukraine. Although it was a challenge for me to continually adapt to new places and learn three languages, I am grateful for the cultural exposure that traveling provided me. In every new environment I was raised to treat others with equal respect and kindness regardless of any differences or similarities we may have had. This exposure has taught me that successful acclimation lies in the ability to interact well with people from diverse backgrounds. Here, in a country of immigrants, I have met people from countries all around the world. The Nursing field provides me the opportunity to help all people regardless of age, sex or ethnicity. I seek a Nursing degree here in the United States in order to increase my knowledge and to be able to practice in the field of professional nursing. My goal of becoming a Registered Nurse has long been encouraged by my personal interest in the profession and by my experience, previous education and achievements. These factors continue to motivate and inspire my desire to seek this degree and become a healthcare professional. Coming from a long line of family members who have dedicated their lives to the medical and dental field, I also have chosen to become a medical professional. As far back as I can remember, I have heard stories about
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