My Goals And Current Problem

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Everyone is called on this Earth with a unique gift, for a specific talent to be used at an appointed time. My calling is to be a nurse, gifted with an impassable love for others, talented by God to help with the healing process of His people, and now it is time to advance in my field of nursing. Progressing to implement the latest and best evidence based practice to one’s community, along with providing holistic compassionate care. Achieving a doctoral degree is a part of one’s destiny in transforming the discipline of psychiatric nursing, enhancing one’s knowledge and strengthening clinical skills, while being an influential leader and mentor in one’s profession. With my advancement in psychiatric nursing I know the future works that God has planned for me supersedes my understanding and in everything I do it will be for His purpose and to better healthcare findings. The long-term goals and current problem statement to inquiry on while in school are directed towards improving patient’s outcome and functionality in society by setting a standard of practice in psychiatric outpatient therapy and community-based treatment. Union University’s core values and mission statement, with Christ incorporated, greatly aligns with the way one practices and is the school I would be honored to attend. Knowing my purpose early on in life made the decision to pursue a nurse practitioner degree easy for me. I knew that in all I do strive to do it well, and seeking a clinical doctorate will
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