My Goals Upon Entering Graduate School

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The overarching goal I hope to achieve from pursuing a degree in Industrial/Organizational psychology is to gain experience from conducting research and develop an in depth understanding of the field of I/O psychology. Completing a Master 's of Applied Science in Industrial/Organizational psychology at the University of Waterloo will allow me to reach this goal as I know that research is an important aspect of the program. Additionally, the Master’s of Applied Science will prepare me to either pursue a PhD or enter the workforce. Therefore, my goals upon entering graduate school is to gain experience in research, teaching, and consulting to better prepare me for whatever may come my way after completing a Master’s of Applied Science. My previous experience in research has demonstrated that I have the ambition to achieve all of these goals, and I know that a Master 's of Applied Science in I/O psychology at the University of Waterloo will guide and challenge me to achieve these goals. Throughout my Master 's degree my objective is to work with people and conduct impactful research. I enjoy collaborating and learning from others which will allow for personal development and well-rounded learning. I also aspire to work with people who share the same passion as I do in I/O psychology. Finally, I am determined to pursue meaningful research because it is of utmost importance to me that the research I conduct makes an impact in the research field and in the workplace. I am
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