My Idea Of Establishing A Hotel

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Living as a foreigner in any country is not an easy task no matter why you have to be there: it can be for studies like we are, to accompany your spouse, to be an employee and especially hard is to establish your own business abroad. You have to keep in mind various aspects if you think about starting from currency, living arrangements, funds, working permissions and ending with performance standards, law regulations and so on. In this report I will explain my idea of establishing a hotel in Dublin, capital of Ireland, make an analysis of economic situation in Ireland in general and in Dublin is particular, attractiveness of Dublin for tourists, competitive situation in hotel industry and norms and regulations that are necessary for…show more content…
They are often do not meet the requirements needed for hotels with 5, 4 and even 3 stars because of their size but they don’t inferior in quality of service by any means. The basic idea of boutique hotel is a unique, one of a kind, high-class accommodation for people with medium to high income that provides exclusive services tailored for the target group of guests. Ireland has a distinguished style that many people appreciate and enjoy called Celtic design. Any room or apartment could be transformed by painting the walls certain shades of green, gray, black, maroon and brown, decorating the interior with symbols of trees, Celtic knots and using such materials as wool and wood. This style has a lot of fans among non-Irish people and of course local people as well. However, if we speak about hotels in Irish style, they are mostly targeted at foreigners as Irish people are already surrounded by it from the moment of birth. After analyzing the competition on the market of boutique hotels in Dublin, I came to the conclusion that among existing accommodation establishments there are no boutique hotels in traditional Irish style. This fact is a huge missed opportunity because, as it was already mentioned, Dublin welcomes more than 4 million tourists from outside of Ireland which includes the United Kingdom, EU countries, USA, Asian countries, South American countries and so on. Usually, when people are visiting another country with culture that is
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