My Importance Of Writing

Decent Essays

Have you ever been told to write a paper over something and despised the topic? I have and it happens every year. Never fails my teachers look at me and inform me that I have to write another paper over something that would give anyone a hard time to write about. Unless you are one of those kids who look at something and understand exactly what is happening without even having to pay attention in class. It baffles me how it happens. How can one person understand how to do something without paying attention to the instructor? I was told to write a descriptive essay. So I have decided to write about how much I dislike writing papers without a prompt or something to help guide my thoughts. Now that I am done rambling about this paper, here goes nothing. Everyone can write things differently. I write better when I am given something to help me keep my thoughts in line or a prompt of some sort. The way my thoughts go is that I need to read all the questions and figure out how I am going to answer each of them and what order to answer them in that will make the most sense to the readers. That makes it less stressful for me and I can prioritize everything that I am doing. When my composition teacher looked at me and said “You must write a descriptive essay over anything you want, but it must be a minimum of three pages”, I panicked. What do I write about, how would I even start the essay? It baffled me once again how they expect us to be able to do something like this for the

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