My Influences. As I Consider The People, Places, And Cultural

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My Influences
As I consider the people, places, and cultural influences that have had a hand in shaping the person I am, I realize that, ultimately, I am in control of who I am, how I think, and what difference I make in the world. We all come to crossroads where our true character is revealed. Maybe my character has been influenced by my pasts, but ultimately I am an intelligent, independent, person makes my own decisions based on knowledge, faith, and a desire to leave the world better than I found it.
I have been taught to represent myself in a manner that others can look up to and respect. My parents taught me that it is important to be a responsible, godly, patriotic, tax-paying member of my community. They came from lower-income …show more content…

Hoover sounds like a utopia, but one day I read a friend’s Facebook post. He felt his life was too hard to endure any longer. When I told my mom, she said I should reach out to him. I found out Geo’s dad’s green card had expired, and he was in a holding facility in Texas awaiting deportation. Geo’s mom and dad worked as the night custodians for a large office complex. When Geo’s dad left, his mom was pregnant; so, Geo and his older brother had been sneaking into the complex at night and cleaning until early morning hours before coming to school. His under-aged brother was caught and was banned from the properties leaving Geo to discretely perform the work of two adults in order to support his family. Geo was in the seventh grade and afraid to tell anyone. I didn’t know how to help him, so I told my mom. She found sponsors to provide Christmas for Geo and his family, help financially until his mom could return to work, and fund his dream to play sports. We went to his soccer game, drove Geo to track meets, and paid for his meals after games. I was shocked to find out he had never eaten in any restaurant in his life. He initially saved his food to take back to his family. When we realized what he was doing, we ordered food for them. Geo’s struggles touched me profoundly. When, I left Hoover the day before my freshman year in high school, I had been the recipient of the Hoover Community Service Award two years straight.
Next, I found myself at Troup

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