My Internship At The Hilton

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During my internship at the Hilton, I have discovered hands on experience in the field I desire to have a degree in and hopefully land a job in after graduation. The amount of information I gathered and retained from this time frame in unimaginable. I thoroughly have enjoyed my stay at this hotel. The staff has been nothing but friendly and understanding. Everyone is willing to assist and direct me to the accurate direction to following proper procedures. Personally, if I could stay longer then I would continue working at this location in Galveston. At the beginning, my goal was to strengthen my skillset and ensure by the end that the hospitality industry is the right fit. There have been ups and downs along the way but I firmly believe…show more content…
The Hilton Galveston Island Resort values diversity and inclusion. From building connections in the trade around the world, the hotel embraces differences as a way of success. Diversity is a prominent facet of the business, which develops the hospitality company into a leading competitor. The Human Resources Department recruits interns from foreign countries, such as the Ukraine, Russia, and Romania, through a foreign exchange program. The Hilton seeks to influence the unique cultures of our worldwide population in order to produce a work atmosphere of inclusiveness. Most of the staff members are open and welcoming to diversity and inclusion. The Hilton encourages people from around the world to work for the company to gain hospitality experience. Management strives to mix the various cultures in with job tasks and departments to provide equal opportunity to display one skillset. Staff member’s hard work and determination determine their job title ranking in the hotel. The Hilton firmly highlights that all staff members may express their viewpoints and opinions. This features a sense of equal value to everyone. For example, in pre shift meetings, we have the managers from each department meet once in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Different races, genders, national origins, and ages are exemplified amongst these individuals. The Hilton promotes diversity in leadership
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