My Interview With The Dente Family Essay

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My interview was done with the Dente family. The family is an African family of five; father, mother, two boys and a girl. One of the children has an unspecified learning disability. They have been living in the United States for the past 10 years. They migrated from Ghana. In my paper, I will be discussing about the strength and challenges that the family faces as they take care of their son Jaden. I will also share information about how Jaden’s parent is able to work with other team members to support their son. According to my interview with Jaden’s mom, she let me know that he was born a healthy child with a normal birth weight. She did not have any complications during the time of birth. He was growing up at a normal rate until he was registered to the daycare center when he was about 7 months. She let me know that there was an assessment done on Jaden done during the time he was enrolled at the school and her son had passed the assessment. When he turned nine months, the teachers did another assessment on him and they became concerned that he was not doing well at problem solving and gross motor skills. She let me know that she argued a lot with the teachers at that time and she was upset to the extent that she had to speak to the administrator. She let the administrator know that the teachers did not know what they were saying. She further stated that the administrator referred her to the health and disability coordinator of the school and she was informed about

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