My Journey Into The Field Essay

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I am Qingjun Wang, currently a senior at Hunan University, majoring in Electronic Engineering. Began my journey into the field by studying in Physics and Microelectronics department of Hunan University, where physics ranks in the top 1% of ESI global discipline. Studying on this topic, which I am very much interested in, led me to excel in my program, earning me a GPA of 90.3 on a 100-point scale, which ranked me as the top student out of the 112 who are in my program. My life over the last three years have revolved around attending lectures and making projects, I know that this has aided me in gaining solid knowledge and proficient research skills. During my freshman year at university, I implemented a system based on C programming language of student cards, which is was suitable for consumption and helped the system with complete functions. During this time, I was very new to the world of physics and did not have relevant experience and because of this inexperience, I found that the most complex and challenging part of the project was coordinating all the C++ Source Files and making sure that they work together as a Win32 Console Application. To try to resolve these hurdles, I bombarded myself with books and articles that guided me through the process of building my desired application, spending 8 days studying in the library during the summer semester to ensure that I build the best one possible. Although it was very challenging, I pushed myself to start by programming

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