My Leadership Strengths And Weaknesses

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Most people believe that great leaders are born with that gift; however, that is not necessarily true. Their upbringing as well as the exposure he or she had to certain ideals and conceptions plays just as important role, if not more than their innate abilities to lead. Generically speaking, a great leader is one who is able to unite, mentor, and develop a group of individuals who share the same vision. Thus, a leader can achieve that through various methods because there is not a specific coaching style that always works for all athletes; nevertheless, there are a few characteristics that all great leaders share such as: honesty, trustworthy, responsible, knowledgeable etc. Furthermore, a great leader must be able to recognize and be conscious of his or her own strengths and weaknesses in order for intellectual growth to occur. Hence, the purpose of this disquisition is to discuss and analyze my own leadership strengths and weaknesses that were brought forth by various self-assessment questionnaires. I completed three questionnaires with the purpose of becoming more familiarized with the type of coach I am. The questionnaires included a Leadership Scale for Sports (LSS), a Team Leadership Self-Evaluation Assessment, and the Cultural Diversity Self-Assessment. Each one-targeted different coaching aspects, the LSS allowed me to realize that I am more of an autocratic leader than democratic. In addition, it denoted that I provide detailed training instructions with
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