My Leadership Style By Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

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Reflect on the personal influences, including the values and morals, you believe are important to you and/or others when facing right versus right, and right versus wrong decisions as you lead and manage others.
The term leadership invokes a deeper meaning than the simple Merriam-Webster dictionary definition as “the office or position of a leader” (Merriam-Webster, 2015). Candidates seeking management positions are frequently asked about their leadership styles during interviews. It is a derivative of the “what is the purpose of my leadership” question asked by William George discussed in his article, “Note on why leaders lose their way” (2004, p.2). My leadership style is best illustrated by the following quote by Rear Admiral Grace Hopper (US Navy, retired): “you manage things, you lead people. We went overboard on management and forgot about leadership” (Schieber, 1987).
I have fashioned my leadership style based on that quote as I have worked for my fair share of good leaders as well as those that lost their way. The ones that hold true to their authentic leadership selves understood what it meant for them to a leader from what they required in their respective leaders. The same holds true for me. My values and morals as well as life experiences play a significant role in how I address right versus right and right versus wrong decisions. Moreover, my appreciation for the life experiences of those I am leading allows me to provide guidance and direction as they face

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