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It can often be hard to understand the lives of other people who come from a less fortunate background than your own, especially from within the walls of Hudson High School. I will not pretend to have personally experienced such a life firsthand, but I have been around those who must struggle daily just to exist on a most basic level. For three years, my family lived in Louisiana for my dad’s job. True, my family lived in a nice neighborhood there and in a peaceful area, but towns are not as economically homogeneous as they are in Ohio, and my new classmates came from very diverse economic backgrounds. Immediately surrounding my middle school was a series of rundown neighborhoods, populated by poverty and violence. My experiences of just …show more content…

The vast majority of my classmates did not give me much of a thought, and those who did were usually put off by how “different” I was. Frequently labeled a “yankee,” my vastly different upbringing did not put me off to a good social start. It was not until someone asked what the lettuce in my sandwich was that I realized how I was from a very well-off family who could afford luxuries that I didn’t even realize were luxuries, and that my new classmates simply could not. Their responsibilities and stressors, I would soon learn, were far greater than mine, and their privilege far less. Their relationship with school was fundamentally different than my own, as well.
And the schools were so focused on competing for funding received as a result of high standardized test scores, that the school work was dull and repetitive, and the schools were strict and regimented. My own teachers were no exception. They often yelled and were quick to give out stern punishments. It was no coincidence that my stuttering got much worse during that year.
As a result of my experiences, I am much more appreciative of what I have, now that we have moved back home to Ohio. I rarely criticize Hudson, certainly not in the same ways as my peers. I understand what it is like to be in a school district that does not have Hudson’s resources, and what it is like to be a student in a far different learning environment.
Additionally, I gradually

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