My Life As A Microbe Project

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Christina Cox
Your Life as a Microbe project
September 1, 2016:
My name is strep. Streptococcus Mutans to be exact. I live in a diverse community but my family make up about twenty percent of the world we live in. Our home is called mouth. We have lived here for as long as I can remember. From what I have been told we lived here before there were even homes for us. As a baby our host was kissed by a caregiver who transferred my family to our host. I wasn’t around yet but I hear we had to live down in the grooves of the tongue at that time. Then when teeth began erupting we were able to upgrade into better homes but some of my family still lives down in those valleys. We’re a bacterium that is normal to have so our host has never really tried to kick us out but we’re not the cleanest of microbes and have been known to cause some tooth decay here and there. I am writing this journal to keep record of the things that have been happening to us lately.
September 2, 2016:
I know that no one will ever be reading my journal besides me but if for some reason you 're reading this I know I kind of left you in the dark yesterday with what I said about our home. Which is funny because we 're pretty much always in the dark here. Lately some strange things have been happening around here when it comes to how our host takes care of his mouth. Some of the streptococcus mutans have been eliminated. That’s a change because our world has mostly flourished for a very long time. Our city was so
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