My Life In The Kitchen Essay

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Our Life Together VS. My life in the Kitchen

They both make me feel alive. The kitchen and bar is stressful though, goddamn it can be stressful. The hours are long and often thankless, leaving me thirsting for a few cocktails come quittin’ time. Unfortunately, that can be 10 PM, or it can be 3 AM, and the crew wants me to meet them next door for a few.It’s hard to say no. Regardless, though, in a way similar as to with you, I’ve fallen madly in love with life in the kitchen and Bar, and in some of the most unexpected of ways.

Stop, please. I know what’s happening. I can see it, and I can feel it. I just don’t know how to stop it. My heart breaks with yours when I see resentment lurking behind those eyes I fell in love with not too long ago, because it seems I’ve chosen a career you’ll probably never fully
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It’s a two way street, but it usually takes listening more, talking less, and most importantly, paying attention to the things and people around us. It’s the first step towards building any relationship — intimate, working, or otherwise. In the kitchen, on a busy night, if communication breaks down, all hell breaks loose in the worst possible way. The same is true in relationships, we’ve all felt it, we’ve all been there before — it takes being vulnerable, honest and feeling terrified at times, but it’s worth it every single time.

Trust is born out of honest communication. Yes, with our partners, but also with employees and coworkers. In other words, to build anything successful in life takes authentic communication. Through that, we see that whoever it is staring back at us, working alongside us, or mentoring us . we see that they are on the same team. What a wonderful team to be on. These are the people we go to bat for, who we sacrifice for, and are the ones, to whom we, most importantly, give the benefit of the doubt to. But why? Well, it’s because we trust them, and we can rely on them. Without trust, we have
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