My Major Relating to Gaming Essay

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Choosing a major for the under graduate studies is an elementary task for all the students who are done with their High school and when it was my turn to decide, I knew that I wanted to take up a major which was related to gaming. However, convincing my parents to let me choose a not so traditional major was next to impossible. Instead, they convinced me to take up Information Technology as my major. As the saying goes, “parents are always right,” I now have the foundation required for Game Engineering and I wish to introduce myself as Anirudh Vemuri, a prospective student aspiring to pursue my Masters in the United States, the forefront in Game Development.
I was lucky enough to get into SLC’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, …show more content…

My other project titled "The Game Master" was a website designed on C# .Net and SQL Server, gave me an insight on how E-commerce functions with the gaming industry. After graduating, I started working at Amazon development centre as a "Digital specialist" which increased my exposure to the latest games and the next generation consoles in the industry.
My lack of categorization of the tasks I perform sometimes make me pedantic but I believe that it is good to give importance to every minute detail in the world of gaming. I do not come from a family of means but that did not stop me from achieving the goals I set for myself. I plan to put in a great deal of effort for my graduate studies in Game Engineering as I have been waiting for this opportunity for more than five years and there is no better place to pursue my masters than University of Utah, the place where student projects turn out to be innovative and beautiful Indie games like Erie which scared a lot of people and received many awards. Not to mention the amalgamation of state of the art facilities in the “Master Games Studio” and the scholarly faculty which include professors like “Roger Alan Altizer” who made some prominent publications on gaming and served as an adviser/executive producer for many student projects.
In the mere future, I see myself contributing to the advancements in the gaming Industry and reaching my goal of making Games as big of a deal in my country as much

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