My Mom And Dad Got A Divorce

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my mom and dad got a divorce when i was just in second grade. there is no doubt my life changed at that point but the changes that were to come due to the catalyzing effect of something as simple as divorce surpasses anything that my parents or i could have ever imagined at that time. obviously divorce means splitting time, splitting houses and sometimes changing schools. but for me the divorce was mainly an open door for new adults to come into the picture, on my dads side everything was simple and remained stagnant, he married to my current step mom who really had no adverse effects on my life and she has truly become a part of my life and I never had any difficulties coping with her. on my mothers side it was much more chaotic to say the least, about (2) years after the divorce she found a man named howard. We eventually moved in together in long grove and life was moving along pretty well. Howard seemed unemployed but he had called himself an entrepreneur and established his credibility when he made it big with his joystick company in the 1980s. After his company 's success in the 80s he spent the rest of his time trying to find a different venture chasing that grip on success that he once briefly had. My mom being active in the medical field gave howard inspiration to start up a company with her. The initial premise of the business was simple yet groundbreaking, his company called mHealth(neovision) provided a medical service utilizing Cisco video chat for

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