My Naca Experience

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There are a lot of things that I got out of my experience of NACA. Each different aspect of NACA, such as CAMP, educational sessions and the showcases, I got different knowledge out of each one of these aspects. To start off I am going to talk about what I got out of the CAMP aspect of NACA. During this event, I learned how to communicate with agents as well as the owners of the company’s that would be able to bring performers to our school. By having this opportunity, I was able to build relationships with individuals that could possibly help me and my coworkers in the future. In the beginning of CAMP, it started off nerve-racking because I was scared to talk to agents. After I attend it every time after the first one I became more comfortable …show more content…

Like I mentioned above I was able to make a connection with Metropolis Management, and the owner of this company was the presenter of my education session. Once the educational session was over I could go to him and talk about how well the education session helped open my eyes, and we were able to expand on our relationship. Although this did not happen for every single educational session, but I was able to something out of every single educational session that I attended. One of the most important things that I took out of the educational session was that ‘students do not join organizations they join people’. When I heard this in my educational session, I was just shocked, I guess I always knew that this was the reason but I could never put it into words. One way that I am going to use this from here on out is when I am trying to recruit students, I going to try and form a friendship with them first and then tell them about the opportunities that our organization gives other students. Another thing that I got out of my experience from the education sessions at NACA was the process that agents go through. This was very helpful seeing the other side of things because I know what goes on and what needs to be done on my side, so it was nice learning about what the agents need to get done. I feel like from here on out I will be more understanding of what the agents are …show more content…

One of the major things that I learned from watching all the showcases was that just because a performer is more expensive does not mean that they are better than those who are less expensive. I feel that is very helpful because before I attended NACA, I would have assumed that a performer was better because they were more expensive. I am very grateful for to have experienced these showcases to be able to look at different performers for the

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