My Negotiation Style Essay

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Negotiation and conflict management are very fragile skills that need fine tuning and constant attention. In order to become a strong negotiator one must know about their own personal style and presentation. Taking self-assessments on the subject matter can be helpful in order to better know what works for you as an individual. After completing the personal bargaining inventory and communication competency scale I found that I certainly lean towards one specific style and that is that I have the characteristics of an Interest-Based Negotiator. I may have a hard time negotiating if I don’t have faith in the project or product. Relationships are important to me and I empathize and put myself in others shoes. Some times this is a great style …show more content…
I am not good at lying. I feel that I am a very fair contender and because I do not feel morally right with lying or cheating I am very open with my opponent and will come forward with what I think to be my best offer first. Cognition is looking at how we use information while negotiating to make decisions about tactics and strategy (Lewicki, 2011). I completed the Communication competence scale and found that I was pretty close in score amongst all 5 categories, with six points being the largest gap between scores. My lowest score was in planning cognitions. I recognize this being an area of improvement for as I have difficulty focusing on or anticipating what the discussion might be about. My scores from here go up in the following order, consequence conditions, presence cognition, modeling cognitions, and reflection cognitions. The pattern I recognize is that I often go over negotiations in my head after they have occurred thinking about what I could’ve said or done that may have improved the outcome or changed the outcome. I have a very strong characteristic of empathy. Empathy is usually a very good trait but it can be dangerous because it can be viewed as “soft” or unassertive. I also take on many others problems because I want to help fix issues for the good of all (Lewicki, 2011). I am an interest based negotiator. The class text suggests that a negotiation of this style should be good at modeling
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