My Personal Experience Of The Nursing Experience In Nursing

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Having worked as a CNA under the supervision of a nurse for six years in a nursing home, I thought I was well prepared to become a great nurse. I did not know that other than learning sciences and medical procedures there was still more required of me to be a great nurse. At the commencement of the semester, I signed up for the HPR class as a prerequisite for the nursing program. However, I had no clue of what I was expected to learn on the subject. In the last few months, I have learned a lot in regards to professionalism in the workplace, professional nurse attributes and responsibilities, and the quality and safety initiative currently in place in nursing practice which will be the key in a more favorable outcome and higher satisfaction …show more content…

The primary goal of the health professionals while dealing with workplace conflict should be to find a high quality, mutually acceptable solution. Nurses should put in mind that the ultimate goal is to deliver high-quality patient-centered care regardless the fact that they may not like each other. When dealing with a nurse-client relationship, clear, direct communication is necessary to resolve a conflict for efficient care provision and reception of quality care. A nurse should respond in a calm way when conflict arises because some clients approach their initial encounter with verbal hostility or even physical aggression. By doing so, it avoids escalation of the situation and helps maintain safety for the client and the nurse. Proper communication skills both written and oral help conveys accurate information to prevent medical errors and provide awareness of one's role and responsibility. Nurses have a responsibility to practice collaboratively hence communication skills are crucial to efficient health care team function.

PROFESSIONAL NURSE ATTRIBUTES AND RESPONSIBILITY A nurse’s overall, treatment goals should always function as the principal guiding force in the team conversations, and mutual respect in nursing is essential. Since the patient-nurse relationship is the foundation of nursing

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