My Personal Narrative : My Journey In Writing

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My history with writing has a bit of a rocky path, but I’d like to think that I am navigating smoother terrain now than I had in the long ago. I have always loved writing, but I lacked a teacher that nurtured and encouraged the writing process. This left me to believe that I lacked the necessary skills it took to construct a well worded story, let alone essay. Since then I had avoided writing, unless it was for a grade, but that changed in the summer of 2016.
This particular summer stood out from the rest because it was unusually awful. My whole entire family worked nine to five jobs and I did not have a car. This resulted in me spending hours alone by myself at home without the means to travel anywhere that was not in walking or biking distance. So needless to say a majority of that summer was spent on my laptop.
One afternoon I was feeling particularly bored with the countless Youtube videos and Netflix binging and decided that I needed to leave my house. I felt so trapped, so I grabbed my headphones and bike and then took off into my neighborhood. Whenever I left on a biking excursion there was one particular place that I would go. It was a bridge underpass for bikers, joggers, or any pedestrian to use to cross the street safely. I liked it under there because it provided protection from the brutal Texas sun and ran alongside a creek.. I sat for a long time in the underpass observing the graffiti on the walls, as well as, the few fish that remained in the creek. Luckily

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