My Personal Philosophy Of Nursing

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My Personal Philosophy of Nursing The purpose of this essay is to depict the personal philosophy of nursing and any future aspirations I have acquired in my first semester of nursing school. Before I can create my own philosophy of nursing, I must first understand and define what philosophy is and how it relates to nursing. According to the Oxford Dictionary, philosophy is “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline” (Oxford University, 2010). This paper will describe my personal philosophy of nursing and reflect on my futures educational and career goals My Personal Philosophy of Nursing Over the last semester as I have continued to gain more insight…show more content…
Therefore, I believe to find a facility that focuses on and actively supports continuing education for nurses would be very beneficial for my career. In addition to the above aspects, collaboration between coworkers and the facility is very important to have. In providing the best possible care to patients it is imperative that nurses can communicate with each other, the doctor, as well as, the facility. By having effective collaboration between all parties, it is easier to find the best form of treatment for patients and provide them with quality care. A nursing theorists that has had the most influential effect on my nursing philosophy is Sister Callista Roy. Roy’s theory utilizes the Adaptive Model of Nursing. This model looks at patients from a holistic perspective. There are four modes under the adaption model: physiological, self-concept, role function, and interdependence (Nursing Theory, 2016). The point of Roy’s model it is the goal of nurses to adapt to patients during sickness and health in these four areas (Nursing Theory, 2016). Because Roy’s theory of nursing allows for adaption to varying types of patients and their needs, it allows for them to receive the highest quality of care possible. Because of this aspect of the Adaptive Model of Nursing, I have chosen it to guide me
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