My Personal Statement Of Ethics And Personal Ethics

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In our lives we use ethics on a daily basis along with our own morals. Our ethics and morals influence the way we make decisions and the way we choose to respond in different situations. At some point in a person’s life there comes a time when a person must choose between sides, and be able to differentiate between wrong and right and what is befitting for humanity as a whole, which is when we apply our personal ethics system.
My personal ethics are composed of elements that regularly assist me in choosing the logical option in tough situations. I consider myself an honest person- the truth is always important and is of the up most importance to me. Throughout my life I have learned that it is always better to tell the truth and this has always proven to be true in different situations. I have always been a firm believer in the phrase “the truth will always set you free” and this has influenced the person I
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I believe that in order to succeed you have to put in the effort to get to where you want to be. I feel that honesty and hard work together has taught me that two plus dedication I can achieve the things I aspire, which goes to say that I am up for a challenge. I am not afraid to stick up for the things I believe in, and being a balanced person, I seldom let my emotions get the better of me in a situation, which is needed in times when the truth has to triumph.
I strongly believe that it is crucial to treat others the way you want to be treated in order to acquire the same treatment in return. Hence, why I go above and beyond to always be nice to those I encounter throughout my day. This confirms that I don’t cause anyone extra trouble, if any, and encourages friendly communication for most of the time.
I also feel that an important personal ethic trait one should have is consistency. I strive to always have consistency in my work and to always convey results that are not
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