My Personal Statement On Friendship

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Friendship is exceedingly imperative to me and has been an immense influence on me and my life. The way it has impacted me has changed dramatically, starting in fourth grade when I was accepted into Quest, the advanced program in my school district. In fourth and fifth grade I made friends with a majority of the other kids in Quest. We were all quite close. We hung out all the time. At recess the entire class played capture the flag together, apart from the rest of the classes in our school. We always stuck up for each other. We were like a family. The changes and continuities with my relationships have sculpted my outlook on friendship and how I feel about my friends.
In sixth grade, however, I was cyber bullied by one of the other girls in Quest. This was a turning point for me, and I started wondering if the girls in Quest were only friends with me out of obligation. I started to think of them as my family in the way that we were forced to be together. We were always around each other and had no other choice except to be friends. I realized that I probably would not have been friends with many of them if we were not in Quest together. It also gave me numerous doubts about if they truly liked me and wanted to be friends with me. In middle school, I made another realization. I was very different than everyone else. We were a family, but I felt like the step-sister. Even though we stuck together, we didn’t have much in common. I would always participate in school spirit

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