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My Perspective
Growing up, I didn’t have the classic loving family everyone dreams of. I understand that no family is perfect, but some can have more or less problems than others. I have some regrets about my family. However, I also wouldn’t change a thing. My experience has made me who I today. My perspective is from a girl whose parents split up at age 6. My mom always said it didn’t work out because of the age gap, that they were at completely different stages of life. My mom was 31, with a house, a career, and a car. My dad was 18, and starting college. My dad always said that it didn’t work out because he wasn’t ready to handle the responsibility. I reckon that both were right. When I was 6, and my younger sister was 3, my parents divorced and my mother took
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I detested hearing “Oh, I’m so sorry.” Or other generic and insincere apologies for something that isn’t anyone’s business but mine. I am very fearful that I’ll fall in love, get married, and have children with someone who will leave me and my kids with broken hearts and ruined memories. I suppose I would want to have kids one day, but getting married never seemed as appealing. Being single and having kids with no spouse and no divorce would be both better and worse because a single income might be difficult to live off of, but I could raise my kids the way I want, and not have to worry about my spouse leaving me and our kids. I think that if I ever do get married, I won’t have kids, because it will be much easier and less raunchy and painful. I think visiting or living with children that would only remind me of a divorce would be too harrowing to live with. My family will never be sublime, but I have a hunch that no family is. I treasure my parents, and my step family. Even when occasionally I think I would be much more contented if my parents hadn’t divorced. Cherish your family, no matter how complicated things may become. I guess that is something
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