My Philosophy Of Education

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Individuals who guide others in learning essential information concepts needed to sustain a daily living are known as teachers or educators. Becoming an educator and teaching future generations is more than a career choice, it is a calling that requires an immense amount of passion, preparedness and keeping an open mind. In this statement, I will explain the influence that immediately sparked my interest in becoming an educator and share my personal beliefs on the important aspects of education. In addition to this, I will present various traits I believe are essential and critical for teachers to successfully fulfill their role as an educator.
During my elementary years, I developed an urge to frequently ask many questions during the …show more content…

Teaching and learning is essential in education and contains a purpose, a purpose that differs between individuals.
I personally believe education holds multiple purposes however, the most important purpose is to ensure that generations will continue to improve our communities. If students grow up with the minimal level of education, they will struggle to provide their peers with reasonable input toward the expansion and improvement of their community. Making contributions toward improvements of the community requires some level of knowledge; Knowledge that is acquired in public schools. Successful public schools work together and maintain a system. This system requires students, parents, principals and teachers. Teachers hold a crucial role in the public-school system, and I believe the most important traits a successful teacher must have is to be passionate, always be prepared and open minded. Anyone could become a certified teacher however, if that individual is not passionate about teaching, they will not be successful in ensuring children learn and expand their knowledge. Passionate teachers will always remain motivated and determined to be the best they can for their students. They (teachers) will never fail to put their students first and go the extra mile to meet or make accommodations according to the learning styles their students prefer. They will also ensure that every day is exciting, informative and comprehensible

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