My Philosophy Or Belief Of Nursing

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According to Butts and Rich, philosophy of science is a perspective of the way one views the world. In the case of advanced practice nurses it is the way we may interact with the patient, family or group (2015, p.3). My philosophy or belief of nursing includes the promotion of health through routine health screens, prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled and dying persons. I have experienced these complexities on a daily basis via working as a staff nurse in a hospital. Nursing is a rewarding and exciting career. Every day the situations are different and each day we make a difference in our patient lives. The nurse philosopher I relate to is Dr. Patricia Benner. She developed the model for the stages of clinical competence. Her model is a useful framework for assessing nurses’ needs at different stages of professional growth. Her model progresses through five stages from: novice, to advanced beginner, competent, proficient to expert level. According to Nursing Theory (2016), novice level is the nursing student who is just beginning and cannot predict what might happen in a particular patient situation. The advanced beginner is a new nurse on their first job who has a little more experience that enable them to recognize recurrent, meaningful components of a situation. Competent nurse lacks speed and flexibility of the proficient nurse, but have some mastery to recognize patterns in a situation. The proficient nurse sees the situation as a whole rather than

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