My Philosophy of Service

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My Philosophy of Service
The word service has taken on many meanings in today’s societies and has been categorized into various levels. One underling truth remains consistent within its interpretations, and that it is an intangible act rendered and measured by the satisfaction or disaffection of the receiver. My philosophy of service is found in my belief that to be of good service is to serve God. This conviction informs my social perception, spoken word choices, work ethic and understanding.
The structure of society is diverse and so too is its view of service which is reflected in the priority or lack thereof given to policies aimed at developing a culture of service. A leader’s values seen in a statement like “Ask not what …show more content…

I think all work has essential value on its own. I think we all have natural talents and inclinations, which stir us to use our minds cohesively, and produce great works that serve self and community therein serving God. Work as service is a necessary, mindset or concept to understand ourselves better in our endeavors- failure and frustration a part of the process in which we can appreciate and measure the outcome. It would

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