My Religious Beliefs

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I consider myself a complex person. I'm not simple. Many thoughts, beliefs and morals contradict one another, battling inside of me to be heard and mulled over by my ever-active consciousness. I am always thinking about one thing or another. I like to solve problems, and explore every avenue of possibility when making decisions. Every decision of significance I make has been carefully weighed up, and considered objectively. Reasoned. No impulses, and no emotions. Some of these decisions take seconds, others take months. Some I have yet to solve. Religion has always flummoxed me, I’m a scientist at heart, but I want to believe in a force greater than humanity.
I am, currently, an atheist. I believe that The Big Bang was the beginning of our universe, once we die, our bodies will decompose in the ground, and that no divine force has, or ever will, interfere with life on Earth. I was raised this way; supportive of science and fact; never baptised; no religious ties whatsoever. My parents, both very logical in all they do, chose to bring me up in a scientific world. For which, I’m grateful. Maths, science, and logic have all given me the skills I feel are necessary to make decisions. My mum is a chemistry and guidance teacher, a scientific academic, with a strong desire to help others. I have never had any doubt about her motives or purpose in life. My dad used to be a pilot, and now works still in the industry. Logic, risk assessment and protocols that need to be strictly
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