My Role as a Student in Higher Education and My Role as a Future Health Care Practitioner

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My role as a student in higher education and my role as a future health care practitioner.
Historically, how nurses are educated has changed dramatically. Long gone are the days of apprenticeship styled training programmes of the 18th century Florence Nightingale era, whereby nurses learnt all they needed to know by the bedside. Instead, present day nurses are required to be trained to high level in order to deliver research based practice and evidence-based healthcare in highly specialised settings. There is nothing more precious than a person’s life; therefore it is imperative that those who deliver care are competent and held accountable for their actions which in turn mean they need to have the ability to explain the reasons behind …show more content…

For example it is important that we recognise our own learning styles to enable us to adjust to different methods of teaching and target areas that we know need improvement (Carter et al, 1999). This is extremely important as the nursing profession involves lifelong learning and a requirement of registration renewal is evidence of extended learning.
Another important requirement of the essential skills module is the formulation of our own personal development plan (PDP). This is where we can identify our own learning needs in relation to the skills required for higher level learning. These include essay writing, numeracy, I.T. skills, speaking and listening, critical thinking, reading, researching and study skills. As I have already completed one undergraduate degree and training courses I am fortunate in the fact that I already possess a good understanding of many of the skills aforementioned. This helped me to provide evidence of prior learning and understanding of these skills within my web folio. However, whilst completing my PDP, it became apparent that I still struggled with managing my time effectively. Fortunately, I found resources available on blackboard to help me learn to manage my time better (UWL, Essential skills, 2012) as well as finding useful help in my study skills guide (Cowen,

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