My Rule Of Life

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My Rule of Life is going to help and direct me to where I want to grow spiritually. Like a trellis that helps guide plants to grow up in the direction it need to go, I want my Rule of Life to the same. With God’s first two questions to humanity, “Where are you?” and “Where is your brother?” I answered by saying that I do not know. Right now, I am at a time where I feel lost and need some guidance. I grew up in a Catholic household, but I never paid attention during mass. I believed that my background was going to help me but saying that I am a catholic does not mean the same as being a catholic. Ever since then I never started to build my “spiritual trellis” that is going to help me grow and connect with God. Once I went through some of the spiritual practices, it has helped me understand and look at things in a different perspective. I began to build my “spiritual trellis” around margins, non-judging, blessing others, and encouraging others. I have not been doing the practices from my Rule of Life, but I plan to use these practices hopefully every day for the rest of my life. By doing this I would expect myself to have grown and reach the gates to the kingdom. The selected spiritual practices margin, non-judging, blessing others, and encouraging others are on my Rule of Life. I chose margin because I liked the feeling of slowing down and really taking time to look at things I may have missed. As a college student, many times I feel rushed and need do everything quickly. I
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