My Service Learning At The Hartley Center

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THE AGENCY I did my service learning at the Hartley Center, the workforce development location for Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids. They are located at 3777 Sparks Drive Grand Rapids, MI 49546. Their telephone number is (616) 451-8800. I chose to do my service learning here firstly because I am already a Goodwill employee, and secondly, because I was interested in learning about what actually happens at the Hartley Center. THE MISSION Goodwill’s mission is to change lives and communities through the power of work. Basically, they assist people in finding and keeping employment and address what they call, “barriers to employment.” These barriers include criminal records, employment gaps, and past employment termination. PRIMARY…show more content…
Sometimes this process is recorded for the client’s career coach to view later on. Once the actual interview is over, I critique the client’s answers, expressions, and professionalism. Throughout the interview, I take notes that help me in the critique portion. I give them three positive things they did or said during the interview and three things that could use improvement. After the critique is over, I take my notes with me and my supervisor emails me a blank evaluation sheet usually later that night. This sheet asks me to rate several aspects of the client’s interview and leave comments for their career coach. My second role at the Hartley Center is as a volunteer in the career center. This is a large room with about 20 desktop computers. This position is less rigid than mock interviewing because I basically just do whatever they need me to do. This could be anything from cleaning, helping a person with a job search, proofreading resumes and job applications, or helping someone learn basic internet skills. WHAT I LEARNED One thing I learned from working in the career center is that there are still so many people who do not know even basic computer skills. This was eye opening for me because I grew up with this technology all around me. For me, opening up an internet browser and making a google search is second nature, but for many other people it’s a whole new
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