My Short Time With Juiliet Essay

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You would have thought the world would look different when it ends, yet when me and Juliet went outside for the first time after a month in the room, it all looked the same.
The mob sprinting down the street, just like they do every day. The honking and scratches on tiles. everyone minding themselves, accelerating and pushing others so they could salvage their soulless bodies.
Merely a lone in the mort of people was seen assisting others cross the pathway without stumbling on their own feet.

Ashes seemed to fall from the sky, to imperfect and cover the scene of panic …show more content…

Walking slightly crooked and fixated on her lovely appearance, I sat on the bed and closed my eyes.

Precisely at this instant, the door of our room opened briefly, and with a sigh, the angel leaped off the bed and ran out of the door.
“Who could imagine we admitted the wrong person”, said a nurse wearing just the same surgical mask.
She locked up the doors once more and left before I could even move to reach the handle.

I was alone for the day, slumbering most of the time and the remnant was solely having multiple thoughts crossing my mind, about my encounter with complete grace, Wondering about her name.
No matter who she is, she would as yet be a flawless flower, one of a kind. This was the sort of thoughts I had during my short meeting with the room.

Before I met Juliet. * * *

“Did you hear that?”
Juliet straightened in the bench and scanned the landscape around us.
By now, all of the refugees withdrawned to their safe havens, and the surface seemed to look like a zombies movie scene. Without the zombies.

The only thing I could hear was papers rattling in the wind.
“Yes, I think so”, I said.
Then I heard it. It was a scream carried towards us in the wind.
She leaped from the

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