My Soccer Experience

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The first soccer match I can recall watching was on a black, chunky TV screen back in my motherland, Laos. My astonishment was real. I watched in awe as the players dribbled the ball, sprinted through the green field, and nutmegged their opponent to attempt to find the back of the net. I was fascinated by the pace of the game and the excitement from the stadium when a goal was scored. Since then, I would plead with my parent to take me to my cousin’s home in the capital city every Sunday to watch a match. My adoration for the game declined after immigrating to the United States, but I fell in love again during high school. What sprouted my interest in this sport? I have not gotten a clue. It wasn’t like my brother, cousin, or uncle played it. My family had no connection to the sport at all. This memory is particular to an incredibly meaningful event that happened recently in the summer of 2017. I attended an “El Clasico” match between world-renowned Spanish clubs Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. I am a supporter of the most royal soccer club in the world, Real Madrid. You don’t just declare that you are a fan of a team the very next day or because they won a certain match. It takes understanding, time, knowledge, and passion for the game. This feeling is hard to put into words like certain things in life that make you happy, but you don’t know exactly why. It could be that I have grown to cherish this team because they played in the first game I had ever seen. Real Madrid

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