My Strength Of Writing

Decent Essays

When it comes to writing it isn’t my favorite subject in school. It isn’t something that I am very passionate about or something I enjoy doing, but I do know that I am a good writer. I’d say I am above average but I’m not a first-class writer. However, just like anyone else in anything I have my strengths and my weaknesses. My two best strengths in writing are being able to stay on topic and including good references, like facts. My two main weaknesses are me not always being able to focus and I don’t think I always use too descriptive of words. I feel though my weaknesses are minor ones, they can be easily fixed if I just focus on correcting them. My first strength in writing is my ability to stay on topic. I’ve read so many papers in high school and the main point of the paper is just lost. Teachers are always telling everyone in class to make sure they stay on topic. I have always naturally been good at staying on topic. It just seemed real self-explanatory to me back when I started writing essays towards the end of elementary school. Since then, I’ve just always been good at staying on topic in my essays. The next major strength of mine in writing essays is me being able to cite good references or facts. For every different type of paper you’re doing whether it’s a research paper, persuasive essay, etc.; you always need to have good and valid facts to back up your claim. There is also a certain way to cite these facts depending on what kind of paper you are doing.

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