My Strengths And Weakness

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Many people throughout generations in America have been raised to focus on their weaknesses instead of their strengths; I was one of those people. After taking general psychology, I was always interested in further learning about myself through highly developed tests, like StrengthsQuest, and was very excited when I got the opportunity to take one. My strengths from the test are Analytical, Futuristic, Relator, Individualization, and Responsibility. When I got my results and began to read the descriptions of each strength, I wasn’t very surprised. Though in the past whenever someone asked me to think about my strengths, I couldn’t even come up with one good thing, when these were presented to me I saw how fitting they were. With my first strength being Analytical- “they have the ability to think about all factors that might affect the situation”- I was as far from surprised as I could be. I have always been very analytical throughout my life; I rarely trust my feelings to make judgements and always think for a long time, weighing my options, before acting or talking. I contribute this most to how I was raised, my parents valued thought more than emotion, and taught me to think in a way that weighed all options and outcomes for myself and others. Also I find that I have a very analytical mindset due to my interest in science since there are no quick judgements in science, but evidence and data. My next is futuristic- “inspired by the future and what could be.” Once again, I

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