My Strengths And Weaknesses

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“Building on strengths and strengthening weaknesses are good strategies for developing careers. Interests are strengths, particularly when talent is associated with the interests. But hard work is always required to achieve competitive performance” (Williams, 1993) Working on these assignments have caused a chain reaction of taking the correct next steps on purpose. Having attended several colleges as an online student, I have never partaken in a course that is designed to create a successful student. Being this course was the first course that I have taken with Southern New Hampshire University, I am more confident than ever with completing these last nine courses to complete my degree in General Studies Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Business Administration. The path of this course has caused me to be very deliberate about my future. This course has also given me the permission to constantly stay in engaged communication with my advisor. Speaking once or twice a week to review my next steps to ensure everything is the right fit. Documenting my strengths and weakness to define the correlation of my educational plan while completing the bachelor’s degree program awakening insight on how to improve my opportunities for success. Strengths, previously defined were listed excellent organizer, strong-willed, and direct and honest. My past work/life experience provided me the opportunity to make a plan, commit and complete in organizing my day to day in work and

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