My Third And Final Visit Essay

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For my fifth and final visit for this project I got to talk to two individuals Gregorie and I believe the others name was Hassan (I’m not 100% sure since he told me it once and very quietly). Gregorie had told me that he had told two Africans to come to the ICA English class one Ethiopian (who ended up working with Hayden) and Hassan who I believe is from Kenya. Hassan at first did not believe me when I told him I was Somalian for the fact that I speak “perfect” English and that I didn’t act like a “typical” Somali woman. However, as soon as I started speaking Somali his eyes widened and it was like a gate had opened and I couldn’t get him to stop talking. Once he had finished his work we had talked about his family. He was super excited to talk about his wife Fatima (who was also Somali) and his son. He told me that how he met his wife and how much he had to fight for her since it’s a known fact that all Somali parents want their kids to marry a nice Somali boy or girl who is a devout Muslim. He was the complete opposite of that plus he is/was a Cristian (she is trying to convert him) and he wasn’t Somali. It also didn’t help that he was hitting on her sister before he met her. Even though they had a rough start they still found each other in the end and got married. However, he did make many jokes about how he didn’t know what he was getting in to when he married a Somali woman. He got the nice and strong woman will they were dating but then he saw what most Somali

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