My Tie at Emory Nursing School

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The period I have spent here in Emory nursing school has been gratifying, challenging, demanding, and astounding. Coming into the program, I had many fixed ideas about nursing, and was not aware of all the things nurses do on a day -to- day basis. At the present time, I have come to see the extensive nursing scope of practice and the skills required to become a professional nurse; I come to really appreciate this occupation. I did my Role Transition rotation at Care Initiative Unit (CIU) in Emory University Hospital (EUH). The unit has 7 stretchers and 6 recliners and the patients being cared for are generally patients from ED, Emory Clinic, ENDO, Vascular, and Cardiac specialties. The skills utilized by the nurses to care for these patients, and their specific pre-operative needs are very unique. I encountered many experiences during my Role Transition to help me evolve into a professional nurse when I am on my own. I will elaborate on this transitional passage through exploring the unit that I worked in, and my own personal leadership characteristics as well as defining methods that I can use to incorporate Evident Base Practice and provide quality nursing care. Workplace Issues The Care Initiative Unit (CIU) of EUH is somewhat correlated to most nursing units. There is the typical hierarchy level of nurses in the unit which includes a nurse manager and a charge nurse. The unit has numerous dynamic issues, which are encountered on a daily basis, both positively and

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