My Views On Grammar School

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“Rinda, please read the next paragraph for us,” asked Mrs. Wright. Feeling my ears and face turn stop sign red with the sense of the walls closing in, I began to read aloud. “Ppp, puh, puh,” I stuttered. Mrs. Wright sternly announces, “Photograph.” In my monotone voice, I repeated her and continued on with the rest of the paragraph, which bared less challenging words for a second grader. She then asked me what I thought about the paragraph that I finished reading. I told her and the whole class, “I don’t know.” Really, I did not comprehend the words that I was calling out. The snickering that I heard seemed amplified all around me, sinking deep into my chair, I prayed she would just move on. She did move on to her next victim right …show more content…

Yes, they would poke fun at me if I misspelled words or wrote about my love life. That alone was reasoning to write a well-organized letter. The day Mr. Peters read a letter written to me, aloud, was the day I realized how important it is to make sure what I write conveys an accurate message. He read, “I want to have you come for a long time and maybe dinner. How about meeting at the fair around 6pm?” My friend and I died. Everyone had fun with that letter for several months. I believe that event impacted both of our writing skills and revealed how important it is to make sure the message that one wants to convey is being interpreted the way it is intended. I managed to get through grammar school with the basic necessities required to graduate. I was not one of those kids that had interactive parents that read to them as a child, and I was not pressed to go to college. I joined the workforce right after high school. I had a very strong work ethic, knowing that I had to work very hard to climb the latter in order to gain financial stability. Within that hard work was the ability to communicate with my superiors and my subordinates. I will never forget, or want to relive the day one of my coworkers sent an email addressed to several us within the department. It was the day I committed to re-reading everything and carefully articulating everything I wrote or spoke. It went something like this,

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