My Writing And Mass Communications Essay

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I can’t say that I’ve ever had a hard life, or have lived in a tough area. I’ve always enjoyed lending a hand to others, even though I haven’t exactly experienced what it’s like to be in their shoes. Through all of this, I’ve enjoyed seeing people smile. Coming to college, I’ve decided that I’m majoring in Writing and Mass Communications because I cannot see my life without writing in it. I’m not much of a Human Services major, but I figured that maybe I can help people through my writing. It’s a crazy idea, and I have received much side-eye from people when explaining this. Books have inspired me throughout my life. Books have made me laugh, smile, and cry. I figure that maybe my future novels can inspire people as well. I hope that they can help not only the person within the situation but other’s to understand each situation better. So for the reflection paper I chose two different places with situations that are always on debate. I began my interview at the African Community Education Program and then the Worcester Division of Public Health. Both experiences helped me to learn a bit more about different societal issues. Waitta Vainga is the volunteer coordinator at the African Community Education Program. ACE assists African children and families who are either considered refugees or immigrants to achieve a proper education through tutoring, mentoring, leadership programs, and community outreach. Waitta has worked at ACE for a little over a year now, and continues to
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