Myer Briggs Introverts

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Methods Participants A survey monkey link would be sent to 100 participants. This would include 50 random females and 50 random males. The ages will range from 18-50. There is not a specific preference for characteristics. Mainly, focusing on random assignment to get an idealistic reflection on a whole for introverts and extroverts lifestyles. The participants will not receive any incentive. Materials The participants would be sent a link from survey monkey. The survey contains four sections. The first section will have a short inform consent before taking the quizzes. The inform consent will give the purpose of taking the quiz and survey. It will consist an explanation of taking the survey. As well as, explaining their participation is voluntary. My contact information will be there for participants if they have any concerns or questions. The second section gives direction about following the Myers- Briggs Test (1998). The Myer Briggs follow Jung's terms for extraversion and introversion. The Myers- Brigs Type Indicator will be taken online instead of paper. The Myers- Briggs …show more content…

Then, the participants will answer the survey. The participants will be going through four sections. The first sections include the survey includes the Myers Briggs test. The Myer Briggs test should last 30-45 minutes. The Myer Briggs test should give the participants a result on whether they are introvert or extrovert. This answer will help differentiate and correctly identify them on the spectrum. Then, they will go back to the survey and answer the next sections. The survey will last around 15-20 minutes. This quiz will consist of their satisfaction with their life. Then, towards the end of the quiz, they will fill out the section about their demographic. The quiz will then end and say thanks for participating in the survey and that will be it. This should take the participates at least 30-35 to finish all of

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