Mythological Archetypes

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Mythological archetypes are the elements of which myths develop. A Scheme according to which a model of myth is collected from an archetypal constructor is universal and is called "monomyth."(reference) But as actors change in different mythological histories, circumstances, then the variety of details of narration became very bright and can be seen instantly, and the similarity of the canvas remains unnoticed. According to Jung, the archetypes evolved in the course of evolution like internal organs. Invisible to the eye, they are always with us, but as "psychic organs." Archetypes are imprinted in culture, art, and religion. Mythological heroes during their journey behind the quest for treasure acquire friends and enemies. These fictional …show more content…

And while Melkor is in captivity, everything seems to be in order, and life naturally goes on as usual. However, when Melkor is freed - Shadow goes out control. And Shadow begins to try to subordinate the influence of the elves. Especially unstable to her is Feanor. This is the beginning, the properties of which are creativity, impatience, a beginning that generates everything new and beautiful (it is no accident that Feanor surpasses all other elves by his creativity and skills.) - and at the same time the most unstable of all beginnings. Feanor created the Silmarilles by touching the Self, however, as an Eternal Child, he himself is the original, original Self, and the Silmarilles is his continuation, being the Self. In this sense, it is not accidental that he says that by destroying the Silmarilles, he will kill himself - both are the Self, and the destruction of one will cause the destruction of the other.
And as an Eternal Child, Feanor is impulsive. He does not want to wait, and this causes all his harsh decisions that led to such tragedies. He is lonely because he has lost his beloved mother, and this place in his psyche is empty - in fact, he is not an integral personality, because he has not developed Anima (the role of Anima, for him, was forever taken by the abandoned world of Míriel, his

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